Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Week In Instagrams

  1. The weather has been so great this week, it feels like spring has really arrived. The sunshine is so good for your mood and its been lovely to spend so much time outdoors.
  2. We planted a load of seeds for our vegetable patch this week, I'll keep you updated about how they get on.
  3. My lovely husband bought a big bag of onions for £1 and made them into tasty onion marmalade.
  4. I saw these abandoned shoes on the street. They are so intriguing!
  5. Friday night is always home made pizza night in our house. I'll post more about how we make our pizzas next week.
  6. Yellow is my favourite colour, and I love the contrast of these blossoms against the clear blue sky.
  7. We made pesto from the wild garlic we picked in the woods. It is great with pasta or on pizzas. I'll post about this recipe soon too!
  8. Its been sunglasses weather all week, hooray!
  9. How pretty are these anemones? I went for dinner at my friend's house on Wednesday and she had them in vase, the are one of my favourite flowers.
That's how the last week looked for me. How was your week? Good I hope. I hear the weather's going to get colder again next week, but I'll try not to let it let me down. Have a great weekend!


  1. i love instagram! number 6 is gorgeous :)


    1. Thanks Georgia, I know, Instagram's the best, I love it too! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I'll be straight over to check out your blog! Amy Xxx

  2. Lovely pictures! And how lovely to find your fantastic blog! Thank ou so much Musodad!

    1. Thank you! I LOVE getting nice comments like this, you're very kind! Amy Xxx


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