Friday, 9 March 2012

All Shall Be Well

Hi Friend,

I've been so busy this week, its been pretty stressful so I wanted to post a calming, reassuring quotation this Friday to remind myself to take a deep breath and keep calm! This beautiful quotation is by Julian of Norwich.

I hope you have a peaceful and calm weekend planned, I should get all my work done today (got a deadline!) so this weekend I can get back to normal and take it a bit easy. That's the plan anyway...

PS. I just downloaded this font, it is called Bebas and you can download it for free from Font Squirrel. I'm loving nice clean sans serif fonts this week, downloading free fonts is definitely one of my little obsessions! What's the best font you've downloaded recently?

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  1. Thanks, Amy, I needed this today!

  2. No problem, happy to think I can help someone! Have a great weekend, Amy Xxx PS. Just visited your blog, its beautiful!


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