Friday, 2 March 2012

On not saving things for best

Let me introduce you to my brogues. Aren't they lovely? I bought them around my birthday in September last year, but I am ashamed to say that yesterday was the first time I have worn them out. This is no reflection of how much I love them. They make me feel like I am skipping between The Great Gatsby and Jeeves and Wooster.

The thing was, I never felt I had the right outfit to put them with. They were too good for every day, and really I probably needed to buy some new clothes to go with them. So they have lived in the cupboard until now. And then, getting dressed to go to a play group yesterday, I just thought "I want to put together and outfit and feel like myself again". Since having a baby I have paid very little attention to my appearance. Before I used to enjoy putting together outfits and colours, and I loved the confidence boost of feeling you're looking good. But with a baby comes a lack of sleep, lack of energy, the post baby body, the mess and lack of time, and before you know it you're in stretchy trousers every day and going out in your slippers.

It made a huge difference to put these brogues on yesterday, just with my normal jeans, and style up my cardigan with a wide elastic belt on top. I felt like my old, pre-baby self was waking up again for the spring. And I thought "If I wait for the perfect occasion to wear these shoes, I'll never wear them". Sometimes you have to take the plunge and realise that if you save things for special, you'll never use them, and if you wear special things on ordinary days they can make normal life feel that little bit brighter.

So, this weekend, why not get out something from the back of your wardrobe and let it play in the sunshine: Life is too short not to wear your good shoes!

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