Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mother's Day Stickygrams

Have you remembered? It's Mother's Day (in the UK at least) on 18th March, which is only a couple of weeks away, eeek! This time of year is really busy in our family for birthdays, so it is really hard to keep on top of all the presents and cards.

I ordered some Stickygram magnets for my mum for a Mother's Day gift recently and I am so thrilled at how they have come out. Stickygram are a company that link up to your Instagram account. Do you already use Instagram already? It is one of my absolute favourite iPhone photography apps, which allows you to add loads of vintage looking filters and frames to your iPhone photos and then share them, with followers. You can also follow other people: it's sort of like a visual Twitter. And the app is free, hooray!

Ordering Stickygram magnets turned out to be easy-peasy. You pick out sets of 9 Instagram photos - I picked ones of my parents with baby Joe - and they will print them as magnets and post them to you. Although the prices on the site are in US dollars, they are actually a UK company and my order arrived in a couple of days - so UK readers still have time to order for Mother's Days!

It is great to find ways to use all the photos I have taken on Instagram, and has inspired me to look into more ways to print them out. I really like these Instagram posters you can order online from Pinstagram. Have you found any great sites for using your Instagram photos? I'd love to hear about any recommendations!

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PS. This is not a sponsored post! Stickygram and Instagram have not asked me to promote them, I just like to share the love when I find something great! I will always make it clear if a post is sponsored by a company or is a promotion or review.

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