Monday, 5 March 2012

Nan style!

Hi, how was your Monday? OK I hope. Normally I like to post a DIY project on Monday, but this weekend we've been away the whole time visiting family for Joe's first birthday celebrations. We had such a lovely time seeing loads of family and friends, but I think all three of us were glad to get home today.

Anyway, with so much going on I haven't made anything this weekend, but I did pick up a load of home style inspiration while staying at my husband's nan's (that's grandma, foreign friends!) house last night. I know Dan and his family will laugh if they read this post, seeing his nan held up as a style icon, but honestly, she has so many lovely things that wouldn't look out of place in a super-hip vintage shop. I'm sure she would be as surprised as anyone to see her tupperware cupboard on a website!

Seeing these way cool objects at Dan's nan's house reminded me that while vintage sellers are great at picking out individual items and putting them in a context where you can suddenly see them as cool rather than grannyish, if you get your eyes tuned in you can find design inspiration in the most unlikely places.

I hope this post inspires you to keeps your eyes peeled this week - and to visit your nan!

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