Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Four Things: Albums for Summer Afternoons

The weather has been so beautiful here in the UK recently, it has felt like summer. It is wonderful spending so much time outdoors, one of my favourite things is to hang out with baby Joe in our garden, watching him play and explore. When the weather is hot, there are a few albums I always like to listen to, ideally while lying in the long grass, looking up through tree branches at a clear blue sky. These are four of my favourites:

1. Crosby Still and Nash "Crosby, Stills and Nash": One of my Dad's favourites that he has passed on to me. On a hot sunny afternoon I like to imagine that I am living in Laurel Canyon in the early 70s...

2. Jose Gonzalez "Veneer": I listened to this album a lot when it cane out, then forgot about it and have recently been rediscovering it. So chilled out and beautiful, perfect for quiet contemplation.

3. Scott Matthews "Passing Stranger": I first heard this on a hot afternoon in the garden following a big house party the night before. It soothed my hung over head that sunny day and it still does now. Shades of Jeff Buckley about this, but that's ever a bad thing...

4. Rodrigo y Gabriela "Rodrigo y Gabriela": On the family holidays of my childhood my Dad would always play the Gypsy Kings tape, and I think of flamenco guitar as as an instant sound of sunshine and holidays. Rodrigo y Gabriela are amazing guitarists who I would love to see live. In the meantime, this album is perfect garden afternoon and BBQ soundtrack material.

I hope you like my sunny afternoon picks. What are your favourite albums to listen to on a hot day?


  1. Oh...nice! Love your picks!
    Thank you for subscribing to the Showcase this week @loveallblogs

    1. Thanks! I love L.A.B., such a great idea. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. Great post. For me 'Pet Sounds' by The Beach Boys or 'Bandwagonesque' by Teenage Fanclub are probably my summer albums of choice.

    1. Thanks! Its one of those things, like Desert Island Disks, where you could go on forever trying to pick your absolute favourites, those are two great picks you've made there too. I quite like the discipline of having to just go for 4 and that's it!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Amy Xxx


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