Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Romantic Gesture

I just wanted to share these amazing tulips that my husband bought for me yesterday. I had a job interview and although it is a role I am well qualified to do (over-qualified even), I was really nervous about the interview. It was really strange to do something so professional - and have to look so smart! - after over a year off on maternity leave. I found the interview surprisingly tough, my brain felt so foggy and I felt like I rambled a bit. I was so happy to come home to these lovely flowers.

I love tulips for their amazing range of colours. They always remind me of those beautiful quiet still life paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. These are so unusual with their frilled edge, I really love them, and my wonderful husband. What are your favourite flowers to give and receive? What are your favourite everyday romantic gestures?

Have a wonderful day today,

PS. I should hear about the job today, wish me luck!

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