Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Wedding: The Rings

Hi friend!

One thing I wanted to share with you over the coming weeks was some details from my wedding. It was back in 2010 - our two year anniversary is coming up in May! When I was planning our wedding I had a very small budget and a short time frame (engaged at Christmas, married in May) so I was always looking for help and tips! I loved reading wedding blogs and sites to get inspiration, and I thought some of you might find it useful to know what I did and what I learned.

The first step after we got engaged was to buy an engagement ring. I knew I wanted a vintage ring, and while Dan insisted he wanted to pay fir it himself, I didn't want him to spend more than he could afford.  So, we went to one of my favourite local shops, the Ampthill Antiques Emporium. This place is a real treasure trove. I tried on a few rings, which was SO exciting, since we'd only got engages the night before! We picked out this ring together. It is a diamond with gold and platinum setting, and it fit me perfectly without any adjustments. I think sometimes you have to pay attention to these signs! I don't think it is super old, but I love the sparkle of the diamond, and the old fashioned style. It was priced at £95, I don't mind telling you, and the shop knocked off £5 for cash! I love my ring and remembering that special Christmas Eve when we bought it, and I love that it wasn't new or expensive. My top tip to you would be to look out for a second hand engagement ring in junk shops, antique shops and charity shops. For me, it was really important that the ring felt like us, and it is not our style to spend lots of money we don't have on fancy bling.

My wedding ring is a family ring that belonged to my Dad's grandma, and was passed down from his mum. Again, this one fit me exactly with no adjustment, and I love the fact that it is an antique and a family heirloom. I hope I will be able to pass both these rings on down my family tree one day, and love to imagine the life they must have had before me - and after! It is always worth asking in your family if there are any rings that you could use, it is surprising how often older relatives have family jewellery they have inherited tucked away in boxes and drawers, and they are usually really pleased to think these things can have a new life and mark a new marriage.

What is the story of your wedding rings? What do you think of buying them second hand?

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  1. Hi Amy, What a lovely story and your rings are beautiful. I love things that have a history and real meaning to them. I got engaged two years ago, I have to admit that I didn't get an antique ring, we were out shopping one day and just decided to go for a beautiful new one that caught our eye. Regarding my wedding ring I have an ring of my mums that was given to her by my dad as an eternity ring. I will have to get it resized though, but like you I love the thought of carrying the history and love of the ring around with me.
    I look forward to hearing more about your plans for your big day.

  2. Hi Carmen, thanks for sharing about your rings - I think whether they're new or old you have to go with you instincts and get the one that just feels like you! How special that your wedding ring was given to your mum by your dad, and that it's an eternity ring - its like you're building your new marriage on the foundation of their happy marriage before you. I'm really excited to post more about my wedding this week, its great to relive it all!

    Amy Xxx

  3. Like vintage, love is said to last! More years to you and your hubby! And beautiful wedding rings! :)


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