Sunday, 12 February 2012

Putting the Sun in Sunday

Morning lovelies,

I thought I would just quickly share with you one of our Sunday traditions here in the Cardigan household - or sometimes a Saturday tradition as well! Since having a baby nearly a year ago, I have found I am always looking to start family traditions that my little boy will grow up with, both for special occasion days but also for ordinary days too. For a few years now, Friday has been homemade pizza night in our house, and I can't wait till little Joe is old enough to pick out his favourite toppings for his own pizza. It is really nice to build in these little treats and markers each week, giving us things to look forward to and a shape to our family life.

Drop Scones on a Sunday Morning
For the last few months our weekend breakfast has been the wholemeal dropscones featured in the River Cottage Everyday book. This is a great book that we use all the time, since, as the name suggests, it has lots of everyday recipes (as opposed to those equally lovely recipe books with lots of dinner party type recipes that are great to use but don't tend to be the ones that end up with wrinkled pages and food splatters from repeated use). Don't be put off by the thought of wholemeal flour, they are so delicious and not at all worthy.

We add sultanas to ours as they cook and serve them with a little bit of salted butter - I think this pretty much negates the health benefits of the wholemeal flour! We usually listen to Cerys Matthews on BBC 6 Music while we are eating them. Here is a picture of the last of our pancakes this morning, along with Mr Cardigan's espresso in the background from my NEW COFFEE MACHINE! My love for the coffee machine is probably the subject of a whole other blog post...

If you would like to make these drop scones you can find the recipe on the River Cottage website or in the original book which you can find on Amazon (and all over the place in shops as well). I have to say, I also have a great affection for this book since my husband bought me an autographed copy for my birthday!

What are your favourite and most used cookery books? And do you have your own family weekend traditions?

Enjoy your Sunday,


Amy Xxx

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