Thursday, 23 February 2012

L is for Love It!

I just wanted to quickly show you this beautiful print that I just purchased from Rebekka Seale's Etsy shop (she also blogs at Hello Friend and has an official website as well). I found her work via A Beautiful Mess, one of my favourite blogs in the world. The funny thing was, her work already seemed familiar to me and I think that I have seen it around online - probably on Pinterest! - quite a bit before finally discovering who was behind it.

I can't decide yet whether I am going to keep this lovely print for myself of give it as a present: my sister loves anything with birds on and her name begins with S, so I originally thought I would give it to her, but I am not sure I'll be able to give it away... It's a tough call, though I always think that the harder a present is to give away, the better a gift it is. Check out here lovely flower prints and house portraits online, I am totally in love with all her work and I'm sure you will be too!

I love discovering beautiful new things, and I'm so excited for my order to arrive - all the way from Nashville USA. And you might remember in my last post I mentioned that I had interviewed for a job yesterday - well I just heard today that I got it, so there's lots to celebrate today!

Hope you had a great day today too,

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