Saturday, 18 February 2012

DIY idea: frame your first dance 7"

Happy weekend!

I just wanted to quickly post about this idea my husband had. We bought and were given 7" singles of the song we walked out of the registry office to (The Ramones "Baby I Love You") and our first dance (Fleetwood Mac "Need Your Love So Bad") at our wedding in 2010. He found these frames for singles, they arrived today and we just put them up now.

They looked so great I really wanted to share this idea with you as a not-too-cheesy way to remember your wedding in the form of some great looking wall art. It would also make a great wedding or anniversary present that would be both original, personal and potentially quite cheap. With older sings you could also frame the sheet music.

I hope this post inspires you to dig out some of your favourite singles again and show them the light of day! What ways have you found to commemorate your wedding in your home?

Have a lovely weekend.

PS. Don't you love this Polaroid style frame, complete with vintage sellotape? And the roses, for a wedding-y touch. I am currently in love with the blog bling created by the inspiring Pugly Pixel blog. You can download the rose clip art from Pugly Pixel, and the Polaroid frame I found out about from PP, but is actually from Fuzzimo, which is a complete treasure trove of images and clip art for FREE!

I love that we live in a modern world where such talented, creative people are happy to share so much with the online community for free, this must surely earn you a LOT of good karma - no coming back as a dung beetle for them!

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