Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Girl Crushing, Pt. 1: Michelle Williams

I am a happily married lady, but I can still admire a lovely face. I often find myself developing a little crush on beautiful ladies I admire for whatever reason. I thought you might like to share, and enjoy looking at beautiful faces with me. Here, in part one of this new series, is Michelle Williams who is also, by coincidence, my birthday twin. Ah Michelle, ma belle... There is something so dignified and serene about her, I really admire her quiet, thoughtful intelligence and demure, ladylike style. And to think, I never warmed to her on Dawson' Creek (yes, I watched DC, and I'm not ashamed!).

Do you like a little eye candy? Who's your latest girl crush? Let's share!

PS. This post in undeniably inspired (ahem...) by a blog I love called Got A Girl Crush. If like me, you love to look at beautiful pictures of amazing ladies to admire and inspire, you should add it to your daily reads. I also have a Pinterest board devoted to beautiful people, which you can find here.

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