Thursday, 26 April 2012

Beautiful Book Covers

Hello friend! Every so often I like to share my collections with you (like my Champagne cork collection). Today I thought you might like to see my book collection. Now let's be specific: I have lots of books - too many perhaps - and I don't think of these as a collection: books are just something you have in your home, as far as I am concerned. My collection is specifically book covers (only I love books too much to part a book from its cover so they stay whole). I am always on the lookout in charity shops and jumble sales for books with beautiful and unusual covers. I like to display these at the front of my book shelves with the cover facing out, so that they make a pretty display for my home. Some are just so beautiful, others hilariously funny, whether for the design or the title.

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For example, I just had to buy "Spinsters in Jeopardy" when I found it in the Oxfam Bookshop in St Albans, the graphic design grabs you but the title is a classic! And that Jilly Cooper cover is just so cheesy, I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Only a Girl Wife was a gift to me from my sweet husband, probably a reference to the fact that I am SLIGHTLY older than him (as he likes to remind me...).

I think it is such a shame when beautiful book cover art is hidden on the shelf, and love seeing these great designs on the bookshelf every time I walk down our stairs. I have been thinking about ways to display then around my home, perhaps putting up shallow picture shelves like these ones from Ikea, so I could make an every changing display. If you love books too, why not pick a few favourites and use them as lively and unique art for your home?


  1. Love that Elizabeth Gaskell cover. That shade of green is so invigorating. Beautiful collection you have going there.

  2. Your book collection is great. I actually am not into this Kobo/book reader stuff yet. There is nothing better then physically turning the page of a great book. And the older the better!

    Also...I wanted to let you know that I really adore your blog and featured you in my post today :)


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