Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Cardigan Is On The Move!

In my post on Monday I mentioned that I am moving this blog from Blogger to a Wordpress powered site. I have been tinkering with the new Wordpress site for a week or so now, and feel like its time to let it go semi-live, so if you would like to pop over it is currently at www.heynicecardigan.org . This has necessitated a new design, which I hope you like!

I plan to leave this Blogger site up at www.heynicecardigan.blogspot.com for the foreseeable future since the hosting is free (and I put a lot of work into the design!). Ultimately the new Wordpress site will be transferred to www.heynicecardigan.com, but for the time being there is going to be a delay in transferring the .com domain name, so the Wordpress site is at www.heynicecardigan.org, and www.heynicecardigan.com will redirect to the Blogger domain for the next week or so. Next week I will change it so that if you visit www.heynicecardigan.com it will redirect to WP.

Sorry, this is so technical and boring! In short: old site = www.heynicecardigan.blogspot.com, new temporary site = www.heynicecardigan.org, long term site address will stay as www.heynicecardigan.com

This is a bit of a transitional period for this blog, so I hope you will bear with me while I am between URLs. I am confident that the move to Wordpress will allow me to build a better blog long term and develop new functionality, which is really exciting. However I know that this situation with several web addresses isn't ideal and I'm sorry for any annoyance all this business might cause you, it is all pretty tiresome isn't it? Hopefully we will resume full service with the Wordpress powered site at the .com address soon! I'll keep you posted...

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